Our Services


We work together with and for women and children who experience domestic violence and abuse.

We offer 1 to 1 advice and a first response to any queries or concerns, on-going support through group activities and learning programmes and we support mothers and children through play and learning courses.

Through our outreach projects we seek to involve and reach out to more women from diverse communities and we tailor our work to meet the many and varied needs & experiences of women living in Southampton. We also encourage women to participate in the development, delivery and shaping of our services.

Our aim is to support and enable women and children to be safer, stronger and achieve sustainable independence, leading to change that lasts, with freedom from the fear and the impact of domestic violence and abuse.

This is the best course I have ever been on – Affected my life in every way! I feel a totally different person now
— Service User

Current Courses


Pattern Changing

Pattern Changing is an educational programme designed to empower women to recover from the impact of abuse:

  • Aims to help build confidence, break the cycle of ongoing abusive relationships, develop assertiveness skills and boundary setting, overcome difficult feelings and achieve goals.
  • Open to all women (16 yrs +) who have experienced domestic abuse and are residents of Southampton.
  • Delivered by Southampton Women’s Aid at our local office.
  • It runs for 12 weeks – 2 hours per week
  • Very popular course, lots of fun and highly rated by participants

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Currently Running

Tuesdays 10 am to 12 noon


From 12th Sept
Wednesdays 10 am to 12 noon
November program to be agreed


Central area – SWA offices

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Sure Start Special

Sure Start Special is an extra helping hand for young children and mothers who have lived with domestic violence and abuse, or experienced unhealthy relationships.

  • Aims to help young children feel more secure, trusting and confident through play therapy, providing fun and support at a crucial age. Also working with mothers to improve parenting and understanding of their child’s needs.
  • It is for children aged 3 to 5 years, at pre-school, Sure Start or Year R. And also their mothers
  • Delivered by Women’s Aid, Qualified Play Therapist and Children’s Workers from Early Years settings – delivered in Sure Start Children’s Centres and some primary schools.
  • It runs for 8 weeks – 1.5 hour per week
  • This is a new, innovative course that is fun for young children and parents, while using creative ways to teach new skills.

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Currently Running

No programs open at this time


From Sept 11th – Tuesdays 10 am to 11.30
From Sept 28th – Fridays 09.30 to 11 am


Tuesdays - West area of the City :
Sure Start Childrens centre Pickles Coppice, Millbrook

Fridays – East area: Sure Start Weston

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Safe. Talk. Thrive.

 Safe. Talk. Thrive is a special program for primary-school children and their parent, to address the impact of parental domestic violence and abuse

  • Aims to help children to overcome difficult feelings and emotions, to recover from the impact of parental domestic abuse and to build stronger, healthier relationships.
  • It is for children under 11 years, with most groups of children Key Stage 2 and also mothers who have experienced domestic abuse
  • Delivered by Womens’ Aid in some primary schools, in Southampton
  • It runs for 8 weeks for 2 hours per week
  • This is a fun, creative and supportive course – using evidence-based tools and programs

"I am very happy with the course and I wish it could have been longer. I learnt a lot from the facilitators and I am looking forward to follow up courses"

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Currently Running

No programs running – summer break


From Sept new courses will run in 2 schools – dates and time to be agreed


Directly delivered from participating schools

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Invitations to join these programs comes directly from the school. Call us to find out where we are operating in the first term of 2018/19. We welcome contacts from schools interested in getting involved.


Other Courses


No future dates set at this time, but watch this space for Autumn programs.

Substance Misuse and DVA

This is the core Pattern Changing course adapted and delivered to specifically meet the needs of survivors of DVA who also have substance misuse issues.

Next Steps & Employability

This is a 6 – week course aimed at empowering women to become financial independent, increasing skills, training and employment options.


Young people and DVA

This is a joint program developed and delivered with Yellow Door to address the specific needs of young people aged 16 – 19 years who experience domestic and sexual abuse.


We support other key agencies in the City to deliver the DART program for children aged 7 year + and their parent. This is an intensive but vital course that was developed by NSPCC and can make a real difference to the lives of children who have been exposed to parental DVA.


Call us for details.



Other services & activities


Peer Support Groups

Small, friendly group of survivors meeting for mutual support and fun activities focused on positive health and wellbeing.

Currently Running

Fridays – meetings are first Friday of every month – 10.00 to 12.00


New women invited to join the group from  7th September


SWA offices

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Polish Ambassadors Project

This project involves volunteers from the Polish community who are trained and supported to eb Ambassadors across local Polish and EU communities to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse and help available.

This project aims to increase awareness of unhealthy relationships, risks and harm caused by DVA and encourage women who need advice, help or support to talk to us.

It also includes work with other agencies and services to enable EU migrants to receive help and support with DVA, encouraging earlier contact and reducing risks of harm.

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Prowadzimy projekt, który jest skierowany do polskich kobiet i kobiet z Europy Wschodniej, które mieszkają na terenie Southampton i doświadczają przemocy domowej lub obawiają się, że żyją w niezdrowym lub ryzykownym związku.

Szukamy także wolontariuszek, które zechcą wesprzeć ten projekt!

Spójrz na naszą ulotkę i zadzwoń do nas!

Advice & Advocacy

We offer brief advice on the telephone and more in-depth support to women who are taking part in our programs or projects.  We can answer your queries or sign-post you to other local advice services. But we no longer offer an on-going advocacy and support service. 

There is other help available in the City.

If you feel unsafe and need urgent help or advice always call the Police.

For swift, direct advice and support plus on-going 1 to 1 advice (casework) call Pippa 02380 917 917, for free, independent advice about domestic or sexual abuse for Southampton residents.


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Unsure: How can we help you?

As you can see we run a range of activities for adults, young people and children in Southampton.  Our offer includes core programs or courses for survivors and also bespoke courses to address specific needs, such as survivors with substance misuse issues, plus specialist advice & support.

If you are not sure which courses or services would best benefit you, or if you are a referrer unsure of when, where or how to engage with our services, please call us 02380 248116  or email info@southamptonwomensaid.org.uk.

We are really keen to help, so please call us to discuss your needs and issues.  If we can’t help we will be able to point you to other local services.

Please note – we are not a refuge provider and we cannot take donations of clothing or goods.  For local refuge contacts, please call:

Homegroup – 02380 671626

Stonewater – 02380 637550

Refuge – 24 hour National DV Helpline: 0800 2000 247


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If you or anyone you know is facing domestic abuse please contact us on:

02380 248116 (Monday to Friday 09.30–13.00)

Or out of hours call the National DV Helpline on:

0808 2000 247 (open 24 hours and free to call)